When asked what would happen when the constitutional amendment passes, a representative of the Value Them Both coalition referenced HB2746 stating 

"We have one ready - HB2746 - so we'll move that up," 

Pro-life University of Kansas law professor Stephen McAllister, who was appointed by President Donald Trump as U.S. attorney for Kansas also weighed in, saying “Where we’re headed with bans and trying to make things crimes, I find appalling and unacceptable.”

House Bill 2746 was introduced in the Kansas House on March 29, 2022. It is currently marked "died in committee" because the session ended and it cannot be passed under current Kansas Constitutional protections. This does not mean it is dead forever or that something like it cannot be passed if the Kansas Constitution is amended in August.

If this bill or one like it is passed all abortions will be banned in Kansas from the "moment of fertilization" with no exception for rape or incest.

Performing, attempting, or planning to perform an abortion will be a felony.

The introduction of this bill makes it clear that the "Value Them Both" Amendment would give politicians in Topeka free reign to strip away our rights and pass radical laws criminalizing necessary life-saving medical care.


Preserve our constitutional rights.

Vote NO on August 2nd.